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November-December 2014 Headlines:

Happy New Year from all of us at AVAware Technologies!

We hope your holidays were happy and safe and look forward to a prosperous 2015 for all!

2015 Catalogs Now Available

For those ready to get an early start on 2015 projects, AVAware’s catalog development team has completed a library of 2015 edition catalogs for both division 8 and 10 products. Advance catalogs from Assa Abloy and others are now online and ready for download by subscribers to AVAware’s “Division-8 Hardware” and “Division-10 Products” online services.

Additional catalogs will be updated and made available as they are received from the various manufacturers. Stay tuned to both our website and the AVAwire Newsletter for information on future releases.

Allegion plc Catalogs Available for Download

In December of 2013, Ingersoll-Rand spun off its iconic ‘Safety & Security’ division into the newly formed ‘Allegion plc’. Although the individual brands remain essentially unchanged, new catalogs bearing the new company name and shiny new orange brand logos came into effect on March 3, 2014.

Although the revised books were not released until well into the New Year, AVAware’s catalog development team has worked tirelessly to make the bulk of the collection available by the effective date. In all, there are 15 price books in total (8 U.S. and 7 Canadian).

The U.S. editions of each catalog have been completely updated for 2014, while the Canadian side has merely repackaged the existing 2013 editions under the Allegion name.

Subscribers to AVAware’s D8 hardware catalog service may now download the both the U.S. and Canadian collections. As the names of the individual catalogs have not changed, these newer versions will automatically supersede any existing Ingersoll-Rand editions that may be installed.

As the days get longer and the weather gradually gets warmer, the bright blue skies and gentle chirping of birds can only signify one thing... the annual AVAproject update!

AVAproject customers can now download AVAproject via the "Product Updates" section of the Customer Login area!

A comprehensive list of changes and new features are available in the release notes.

AVAproject Fusion - the revolutionary data access and reporting tool and latest major software release from AVAware Technologies is now shipping!

More information about AVAproject Fusion can be found on the AVAproject Fusion product page and the Fusion Theory of Operation document.

Help File Available for Download

Available for download now is a newly expanded and more comprehensive Help File. Accessed through the Help menu in AVAproject, our new Help File provides access to past and present editions of the Getting Started Guide and is fully searchable, providing an expansive knowledgebase. Our Help File provides you with:

  • The Getting Started Guide
  • AVAproject and AVAcad release notes
  • Supplemental articles for further reading
For users of AVAproject 2010 or earlier, the new Help File can be downloaded via the Downloads section of the Customer Login area.
Getting Started Guide Now Available

A new "Getting Started" guide has been released to compliment the new edition of AVAproject and AVAcad. The new guide features supplemental content for AVAproject, and can be downloaded via the Downloads section of the Customer Login area.

Catalog Installer

AVAproject 2010 brought with it the AVAware Repository, a new structure and storage location for AVAproject system files. To accomodate all of our users, regardless of which version of AVAproject is being used, every catalog now comes packaged with the new Catalog Installation tool. The new Catalog Installer determines which version of AVAproject is running and installs catalogs to the appropriate directory.

No more browsing for application paths or moving catalog files manually! Simply "double click" the downloaded catalog to launch the Catalog Installer and click "Install". The Catalog Installer will install the catalog file exactly where it needs to be.

For more information, see Catalog Installation Help.

64-bit Compatibility

64-bit operating systems have become the new standard, due to 32-bit operating systems reaching their limit with respect to the computer hardware they can support. The AVAware development team have optimized AVAware products to run seamlessly on both 32 and 64-bit operating systems, taking advantage of whatever computer hardware is available.

Improved Data Connectivity

The AVAproject Suite is an extremely powerful set of tools that enable maximal productivity in minimal time. For even more efficiency and convenience, we have developed a number of exports for accessing data from AVAproject files for use with other tools, including backend systems, accounting packages, etc.


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