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Happy New Year from all of us at AVAware Technologies!

We hope your holidays were happy and safe and look forward to a prosperous 2019 for all!

AVAware staff is Helping to Build a 'Mountain of Toys'  This Holiday Season

The Toy Mountain Campaign is an annual holiday drive held in coordination with the Salvation Army, Bell Media and other corporate sponsors. Now in its 23rd year, Toy Mountain has provided toys to countless families in need enabling their children to share in the joy of the holiday season.

In the months of November and December, Canadians across the country are challenged to "Help build a mountain of toys!" as the campaign is featured on CTV's national news broadcast.

In a departure from the usual gift-buying office traditions like "Secret Santa", the AVAware team has chosen to initiate a new tradition to celebrate the holiday season. Instead of buying gifts for each other, everyone decided to purchase children’s toys on behalf of Toy Mountain.

For more information in the Toy Mountain Campaign,
please visit:

AVAware Celebrates 22 Years!

AVAware's first offices
1996 - 2009

AVAware's current facility
2010 - present
December 2018 brings with it a landmark moment in AVAware’s history. Twenty two years ago, on the 12th of December 1996, AVAware was born... well, incorporated anyway. AVAware was originally founded by the current President, Paul Kirsch and a gentleman by the name of Steve Rendulic. Rendulic was a veteran of the architectural openings industry, having spent many years working with a competing software developer. Motivated by a desire to develop more technologically "current" software for the industry, he enlisted the aid of his co-founder, a software engineer with extensive experience in developing line-of-business applications for several industry segments. Together they began AVAware with a vision to sincerely establish new standards of quality for both software development and customer support.

AVAware made their debut in the architectural openings industry with the introduction of a revolutionary new product... AVAcad. AVAcad is the first and only CAD application specifically designed for architectural openings. In addition to providing detailers the means to create CAD-quality elevations in seconds, AVAcad launched a new era of technology in the industry with its ability to "disassemble" elevations and generate fully priced material lists – all automatically.

Not long after the release of AVAcad, AVAware released 'AVAproject' – an innovative piece of software that would forever change the way take-offs and estimates would be done for years to come!

AVAproject and AVAproject Fusion 16.1 in General Release
The most eagerly anticipated update to the AVAproject Suite of products is now in general release and available for download.
In 2016, the AVAware team made a departure from the usual cycle of product development and release with version 16.1. In a typical year, AVAware would post an early spring release, followed by at least one other major product update in the fall. This year, the team merged the development schedules for the year and worked through the spring and summer on the largest and most feature-rich product update ever released.

The extended development cycle offered the developers the time they needed to bring a number of exciting new features to the product. Many of these enhancements, especially those involving our AVAproject Fusion integration platform, involved many hours of work in cooperation with some of our most experienced users to make our vision for the product a reality. AVAware attributes much of the stability that our users have come to expect and rely upon, on the extensive “beta” testing we conduct on each and every product release. With the size and complexity of version 16.1, the “beta” process was more important than ever. As such, AVAware conducted our longest and most widely participated “beta” program ever. We would like to offer our deepest and most sincere thanks to all the “beta” users that assisted us this year – as always your suggestions and feedback are the wellspring of inspiration that allow us to create the most sophisticated products ever developed for the architectural openings industry.

The list of new features in this release of AVAproject is far too extensive to describe in a single article. As always, the complete list can be found in the product’s integrated ‘Help’, and on the ‘Product Updates’ page of the AVAware website. Subscribers to our AVAwire newsletter can expect to see several articles of the next few issues that focus on specific features and enhancements in detail.

Amongst the most exciting and powerful technical achievements in 16.1, are the latest developments to the AVAproject Fusion Integration Platform. This incredible product has already been called “revolutionary” by many users, for its ability to provide integration capabilities to virtually any accounting/ERP system. Fusion has eliminated the age-old “lockdown” that competing products have placed on users, by allowing distributors to choose the accounting system that best suits them – not the one that best suits the vendor. AVAware developers have taken this integration capability to the next level; AVAproject users can now make “real-time” inquiries of Fusion and the connecting accounting system right from the Openings Schedule and/or Hardware Groups. Essentially, AVAproject Fusion has facilitated a “live” link to any supported accounting/ERP system – right from the detailing and estimating area.

As usual, a complete list of “Release Notes” is available in the software’s built-in “Help” system and can be previewed prior to download in the “Product Updates” section of the Customer Login Area.

AVAproject Fusion - the revolutionary data access and reporting tool and latest major software release from AVAware Technologies is now shipping!

More information about AVAproject Fusion can be found on the AVAproject Fusion product page and the Fusion Theory of Operation document.

AVAproject users can now import files created by Allegion’s SpeXtra specification writing software, directly into their projects.

Earlier this year, AVAware was contacted by Allegion’s software group; they wanted to know if it was possible to offer AVAproject users the ability to make use of SpeXtra files to facilitate the creation of project estimates and submittals. It certainly is.

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Help File Available for Download

Available for download now is a newly expanded and more comprehensive Help File. Accessed through the Help menu in AVAproject, our new Help File provides access to past and present editions of the Getting Started Guide and is fully searchable, providing an expansive knowledgebase. Our Help File provides you with:

  • The Getting Started Guide
  • AVAproject and AVAcad release notes
  • Supplemental articles for further reading
Getting Started Guide Now Available

A new "Getting Started" guide has been released to compliment the new edition of AVAproject and AVAcad. The new guide features supplemental content for AVAproject, and can be downloaded via the Downloads section of the Customer Login area.

Catalog Installer

The AVAware Repository, is a structure and storage location for AVAproject system files. To accomodate all of our users, regardless of which version of AVAproject is being used, every catalog now comes packaged with the new Catalog Installation tool. The Catalog Installer determines which version of AVAproject is running and installs catalogs to the appropriate directory.

No more browsing for application paths or moving catalog files manually! Simply "double click" the downloaded catalog to launch the Catalog Installer and click "Install". The Catalog Installer will install the catalog file exactly where it needs to be.

For more information, see Catalog Installation Help.

64-bit Compatibility

64-bit operating systems have become the new standard, due to 32-bit operating systems reaching their limit with respect to the computer hardware they can support. The AVAware development team have optimized AVAware products to run seamlessly on both 32 and 64-bit operating systems, taking advantage of whatever computer hardware is available.

Improved Data Connectivity

The AVAproject Suite is an extremely powerful set of tools that enable maximal productivity in minimal time. For even more efficiency and convenience, we have developed a number of exports for accessing data from AVAproject files for use with other tools, including backend systems, accounting packages, etc.


AVAproject... the all inclusive Windows-based project management system encompassing all aspects of the bidding, detailing and submission cycle...

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AVAcad... the easiest to use and most comprehensive door and frame drawing tool available...

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