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AVAproject Fusion:
Intuit QuickBooks Plugin

The AVAproject Fusion QuickBooks plugin allows products to be sourced, organized, and pushed directly into Intuit QuickBooks as purchase and sales order documents.

Built upon a powerful data extraction engine, AVAproject Fusion allows users of AVAproject to harvest project data to build highly customized reports and pivot tables – as well as move data directly into many accounting/ERP platforms. Through the use of specialized "plugins", AVAproject Fusion is able to integrate directly with virtually any API enabled accounting software.

One of the most popular accounting solutions, for small to mid-sized distributors, is Intuit's QuickBooks. QuickBooks is a cost-effective and easily maintained package that offers many of the advanced accounting features found in much more expensive products.

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AVAware Video Production:
The First Six Months

Six months after launching a new video production initative, AVAware instructional videos are receiving raves from AVAproject users!

In January of this year AVAware announced the formation of a new in-house production team, with the intention of producing instruction videos for our various software products. The ultimate goal is to offer a library of demonstration, training and advanced concept videos for current users as well as those interested in AVAware products.

Over the past six months, the production team has released six new videos; one each month accompany the AVAware newsletter. The focus this far has been on "AVAproject Tips", demonstrating unique and often obscure features of the AVAproject software to current users. Presented in the form of 3-5 minute videos, these early releases have allowed the production team to develop their distinctive look and experiment with the use of visuals such as 3D modelling to illustrate software concepts.

One of the primary productions objectives is to avoid the "typical" software demonstration video – the screen capture with the "off-the-cuff" voice over. Every effort has been made to create content that is as visually compelling as it is informative.

"Copying Spreadsheets with the AVAproject Clipboard" features animated 3D "clipboards" to illustrate advanced copy/paste functions.
"Hardware Locations" uses 3D door and frame models to illustrate how hardware locations are translated to 'machining sheets'.

In addition to the ongoing development short "tip" and "feature focus" videos, AVAware's production team has begun work on much longer demonstration and training videos for AVAproject, AVAcad and AVAproject Fusion. The intention is to supplement traditional product training with videos that can be shared amongst users and reviewed when needed.


Visit AVAware's YouTube Channel

The first six AVAproject Tips are now available on the AVAware YouTube channel (accessible via the link below). AVAproject users are strongly encouraged to visit and view the videos for themselves. New content is posted monthly; subscribing to the channel will ensure that users are notified as new videos become available.

 YouTube Channel

AVAware Plugin for Autodesk® Revit®

AVAware introduces a new tool that will revolutionize the way manufacturers, specification writers, and distributors share information with architects

In recent years, AVAware has received a growing number of inquiries from distributors wanting to streamline the way information is exchanged with the architects they work with. Project revisions and changes to specifications are regular occurrences in commercial architecture - often daily ones in the case of larger and more complex jobs.

The ability to seamlessly exchange data directly between AVAproject and software platforms used by the architects would have a number of important benefits: distributors would have accurate data, free from any possibility of entry errors in the take-off process. Missing openings and erroneous counts would be eliminated, and distributors' openings schedules would always be in sync with those of the architects.

For the architects, the benefits are even greater. It would no longer be necessary to create and constantly update separate openings schedules to procure accurate estimates. They would no longer need to track changes to their design models and remember to communicate them to the distributors. Architects would have access to complete and concise information on each opening, the related hardware and all the products details available for each. Perhaps most importantly, they would now have access to an accurate "as delivered" schedule of all the openings and hardware provided for a job.

It was with these goals in mind, that AVAware set about to design the ultimate tool for connecting distributers of architectural openings and hardware with the architects. Given the most popular software platform used by architects throughout the world today is clearly Autodesk Revit, AVAware designed this new tool to reside alongside the Revit desktop.

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AVAproject Fusion - the revolutionary data access and reporting tool and latest major software release from AVAware Technologies is now shipping!

More information about AVAproject Fusion can be found on the AVAproject Fusion product page and the Fusion Theory of Operation document.

AVAproject users can now import files created by Allegion’s SpeXtra specification writing software, directly into their projects.

Earlier this year, AVAware was contacted by Allegion’s software group; they wanted to know if it was possible to offer AVAproject users the ability to make use of SpeXtra files to facilitate the creation of project estimates and submittals. It certainly is.

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Help File Available for Download

Available for download now is a newly expanded and more comprehensive Help File. Accessed through the Help menu in AVAproject, our new Help File provides access to past and present editions of the Getting Started Guide and is fully searchable, providing an expansive knowledgebase. Our Help File provides you with:

  • The Getting Started Guide
  • AVAproject and AVAcad release notes
  • Supplemental articles for further reading
Getting Started Guide Now Available

A new "Getting Started" guide has been released to compliment the new edition of AVAproject and AVAcad. The new guide features supplemental content for AVAproject, and can be downloaded via the Downloads section of the Customer Login area.

AVAproject... the all inclusive Windows-based project management system encompassing all aspects of the bidding, detailing and submission cycle...

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AVAcad... the easiest to use and most comprehensive door and frame drawing tool available...

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