November 2010


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Welcome to AVAwire!

Welcome to the latest edition of AVAwire - our periodic newsletter created to maintain a constant flow of information to our customers. We want to keep everyone informed through both this newsletter and our website,


2011 Catalogs Now Available


We have recently released new 2011 edition Norton, Yale, Corbin Russwin and Rixson (US) catalogs, available for pricing orders to be submitted in the upcoming year.

Updates have been released for

Curries, Dorma ED and Dorma LK catalogs, as well as the Steelcraft Hollow Metal catalog from Ingersol Rand.

Updates consist of removals and or  addition  of  products, updates to   pricing,   the   inclusion   of

additional product information, etc.

Catalog and Software updates can be downloaded via our website,

AVAware Catalog Technology

Some manufactured products are inherently complicated, as is evident when navigating a Division 8 Hardware catalog. Each manufacturer creates products with different levels of complexity; even similar products from different manufacturers will use different nomenclature and be configured using manufacturer specific methods.


In fact, products with only a few options can yield literally millions of different product permutations. As such, the technology behind indexing a hardware catalog must

be extremely flexible. order to overcome these obstacles, we approach catalogs differently - our catalog team deconstructs products into their most granular components and various options. Using proprietary software, we recreate these catalogs digitally, creating the catalog files that power AVAproject.


Our catalogs are unique in that they are an elegant solution to a complicated process. To learn more about how our catalogs work, see the AVAware Catalog Technology  document.

The AVAproject Product Builder 

AVAproject Fusion Beta

The AVAware development team is currently wrapping up development of the initial release of AVAproject Fusion.

AVAproject Fusion is a powerful tool used for combining and visualizing data and report generation. Fusion is able to absorb data from one or multiple AVAproject files, or draw from a number of external data sources including SQL databases, Microsoft Access files and more. Data lookups, called Criteria Sets, can be created by users of AVAproject Fusion in near plain english syntax to produce reports displaying exactly what data required. Additionally, AVAproject Fusion will be shipped with a library of pre-built Criteria Sets, providing single-click operations that will produce the most common data views and reports.

Correlating and sorting large or small amounts of data is a breeze with AVAproject Fusion. Any type of report can be created, including purchase orders, sales orders, custom lists and more!

As our developers are getting close to completion, we are looking for community input with respect to the pre-built Criteria Sets to be shipped with AVAproject Fusion. This Criteria Set library will ensure AVAproject Fusion hits the ground running and instantly provides solutions for your reporting requirements.

Criteria Sets can be as simple or complex as required. For example, one Criteria Set may produce a report that displays all hardware made by a specific manufacturer. Another Criteria Set may display all door pairs where the opening profit is greater than $100 and the opening number starts with "2".

If you have ideas, requirements or suggestions for Criteria Set(s) that your company would benefit from having  in  the  pre-built  Criteria  Set library, please email and tell us about your needs. We appreciate your input!


A Combined Material List composed of data from several AVAproject files, grouped and sorted by Manufacturer

The AVAproject Fusion Criteria Builder uses plain English
input to create complex data queries

AVAproject Fusion's interactive Print Preview interface allows live modification to documents and can display single page or thumbnail view (shown above)



AVAproject Tips: Custom Hardware Locations

When hardware is applied to an opening in AVAproject, each hardware item is placed according to manufacturer specifications. If needed, the default Hardware Locations can be overridden to conform to another manufacturer’s frames using the Hardware Locations pull-down under Project Info.

Special columns exist in the Hardware Groups if manual hardware positioning is required. To specify hardware locations manually, first insert the “Preparations” > “Vertical Position” column if it is not already visible in the Hardware Groups window.


The Vertical Position value is composed of two letters followed by a dimension entered in decimal inches (e.g. TT6.25 or BT12)


The first letter specifies the location of the hardware on the opening, and has three possible values: “T” for top of frame, “B” for bottom of frame, or “C” for center of frame.


The second letter specifies the location on the hardware, with the three same letters: “T” for top of hardware, “B” for bottom of hardware, or “C” for center of hardware.


If the quantity of this hardware item is more than one, each item’s location must be specified and separated by commas. For quantities of three (or more), simply entering “EQ” for the third value signifies equal spacing between the other two.



A Hardware Group using Custom Hardware Locations for all entries


Industry Watch: BIM

Building Information Modeling, or BIM, is a hot topic in the architecture, engineering and construction world. BIM aims to reduce the estimated $200 billion that is lost annually due to inefficiencies and delays in the U.S. construction industry.

Historically, architects have produced multiple drawings of a building to provide enough detail for construction. A greater number of separate documents unfortunately translates into


Sample 3D BIM Model

 greater probability of error. Specifications for electrical, plumbing, construction and more have been developed individually and often conflict with each other.

The BIM model merges all of this information together into one central building model. From this centralized model various documents can be printed and distributed to different distributors or contractors.

BIM is set to radically change the way buildings are designed and constructed by adding layers of components over one another, preventing conflicts before they show up on the work site. 


  LEED 2010 Draft Released


Mentioned in our October newsletter, LEED is a rating system for green buildings that awards credits based on the sustainability of design, construction and maintenance. On November 8th the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) released a draft for the next revision of LEED, known as LEED 2012, for public comment.



The latest draft of LEED proposes six new prerequisites and three new credit categories, creating a total of 15 prerequisites and 10 credit categories. A proposed Bicycle Storage prerequisite would require any LEED certified project to include bike racks for 2.5% of occupants. If there are enough bicycle racks for 5% of occupants, the project is eligible

for the new Bicycle Network, Storage and Changing Room credits, which factor in the location of bike racks and changing rooms for bicyclists. The Reduced Automobile Dependence credit has also been introduced to replace the previous Sustainable Sites credit, with requirements that are more inclusive.

The USGBC has also announced that they have certified over one billion square feet of commercial LEED buildings, showing growth even through the economic downturn.

LEED has certified more than six billion square feet of registered buildings worldwide since beginning in 2000.


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