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AVAproject Tip: Row Sequence Numbers

The ability to re-sort the AVAproject Openings Schedule is extremely convenient, and offers a variety of options in terms of presentation and editing. Estimators will often want to manipulate the sequence of the data in the schedule in order to group openings by various pertinent details, such as opening type, handing, label, etc. This is a great way to see and share information with colleagues and clients, however it does change the original order in which openings were scheduled.

Row Sequence Numbers were built for the purpose of preserving a specific order in which data is to be presented. As data is entered into the Openings Schedule, "Sequence Numbers" are automatically assigned to each row as it's added.

There are two methods offered by AVAproject to view them. The first, and most popular method is to add the specific "Sequence Numbers" column (offered in the "Information" group). This is a "read only" column that contains the Sequence Numbers assigned to each row of the schedule.

The second method is to select "Tools" in the menu bar and open the AVAproject Preferences dialog. Within the "Openings" tab, an option labelled "Use automatic Sequence Numbers to preserve the order in which rows are entered" is shown.

When selected, the Row Sequence Numbers will replace the traditional row numbers displayed at the beginning of each row of the Openings Schedule, and are identified by a decimal following each.

Regardless of how often the schedule is re-sorted, the Sequence Numbers are preserved; the row sequence numbers remain connected to their original row, regardless of the sorting order. As such, the schedule can always be restored to its original order. This can be done by either right-clicking on the "Sequence Number" column, or on the top-left corner of the Openings Schedule, and selecting "Sort by Row Sequence Number".

When new information is filled in, additional lines of data will be appended with the next numerically highest sequence number. Whether a row is added to the middle or end of this Openings Schedule, the newly added row will be assigned a sequence number greater than the last one entered.

The Row Sequence Numbers themselves can be reset at any time - in order to preserve the current ordering of the openings in the schedule. Once again, this can be done by either right-clicking on the "Sequence Number" column, or on the top-left corner of the Openings Schedule, and selecting "Reset Row Sequence Numbering". The Row Sequence Numbers are restarted from "1" through to the last line of the Openings Schedule.

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