Excerpt from the June 2019 AVAwire Newsletter


AVAware Hardware Catalogs

AVAproject users have always known that the Hardware catalogs that drive it provide extraordinary functionality and offer some truly unique capabilities.

Architectural hardware catalogs and the data they provide are at the heart of the estimating and detailing process, and an invaluable benefit to AVAproject users. AVAware maintains an in-house team of experts that manually curate content from manufacturers' printed price books and adapt it for use with AVAproject. While other providers may offer databases of manufacturer's products, AVAware has taken catalog technology to an entirely different level. All catalogs are definitely not created the same.

The ever-growing AVAware catalog library contains product and pricing information from dozens of leading industry manufacturers. The difficulty in creating a single database standard arises from the fact that the price books themselves and the "rules" used to determine costs are as diverse as the products themselves. As such, AVAware created a catalog architecture that more closely resembles a platform than a typical database structure.

When catalogs are created, the AVAware team always strives to match the information in the printed price books exactly. This information includes product nomenclature and pricing in addition to option codes, build options and specific pricing rules. Product codes are arranged based upon the series designations used in the printed price book, and can be searched or browsed with ease.



A Uniquely "Open" Architecture


Architectural hardware has always presented a challenge to those who have attempted to build databases encompassing all the combinations and permutation of options they offer. The very nature of the architectural industry mandates that most projects contain a variety of custom configured items often substantially different from the established "standards".

The number of variables to consider when specifying a piece of architectural hardware varies greatly from product to product - even within a given brand. For this reason, AVAware created a database platform that could be adapted to the requirements of each individual product. When a product is selected in AVAproject, the specific parameters applicable to it are offered in the "Product Builder". Products such as 'flat goods' for example, would obviously offer fewer options than more complex items such as 'locksets' or 'exit devices'.



Catalog-Perfect Nomenclature Every Time



As product variables are selected, AVAproject is able to build a nomenclature string based on the rules established by the various manufacturers. Regardless of which options are selected or in which order, the result is "catalog-perfect" nomenclature string - ensuring absolute consistency amongst specification writer and detailers as well as between projects.


To further assist detailers, the hardware product builder is able to provide a detailed breakdown on the pricing "logic", adds and deductions that were used to arrive at the final price.



Additional Features


In addition to the most accurate product and pricing information available, AVAware hardware catalogs provide a number of additional data components that can be used by AVAproject to further assist in the creation of the estimates and architectural submittals. Each product is reviewed by members of the catalog development team and is supplemented with the following:

Handing Options

Products are identified as being 'handed', 'reversible' or 'Left-Right only', allowing AVAproject to automatically determine hardware handing based on the individual opening.

Product Categories

Hardware products are all assigned a 'category' based originally established by the DHI. These categories are used in AVAproject to automatically place hardware items in the prescribed sequence when creating a 'Hardware Schedule'.

Door & Frame Preparations

Each piece of hardware is assigned the door and frames preps required for its use on an opening. Preps are identified using a standardized index that is automatically cross-referenced to any door or frame catalog provided by AVAware ensuring that preps are neither forgotten nor left unpriced.

These and many other miscellaneous data elements help to create a catalog library that serves users well beyond the basic task of product pricing.



Catalog Cuts


In addition to the information provided in the manufacturer's price books, most catalogs offer companion catalog cut libraries. AVAware provides cut sheets, complete with high resolution and/or vector based images, as provided by the manufacturers. Each page of the library is manually linked to the product or products they refer to. When creating a submittal document, AVAproject automatically gathers and organizes the catalog cuts associated with the products specified in the project and includes them in the document.

The AVAware hardware catalog library and associated catalog cuts are offered on an annual subscription basis to users of the AVAproject estimating and detailing system.

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