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AVAproject Data Connectivity
Opening Project Data to Other Applications


The AVAproject Suite is an extremely powerful set of tools that enable maximal productivity in minimal time. For even more efficiency and convenience, we have developed a number of exports for accessing data from AVAproject files for use with other tools, including backend systems, accounting packages, etc.

Text Export

The Text export is one of the original export formats, which is able to be understood by virtually any software application. In fact, even a basic tool such as the Windows Notepad application can open plain text AVAproject export files and display the contents. It is simply a tab delimited text file which includes all of the data contained in a project file. The data is divided into logical sections, corresponding to the way it is entered into AVAproject, to make it easy for software developers and integrators to locate and read specific values.

MDB Export

The MDB (Microsoft Access Database) export organizes the project data into a relational database. The database file can be opened with Microsoft Access directly, or by standard Windows database components that are simple to use and well known by Windows software developers. The MDB database allows for data to be searched for and sorted very quickly, providing an ideal depository of project information.

XML Export

Currently, XML is one of the most popular file "formats" for data exchange. This is due to its ability to transport and describe data via plain text. The AVAproject XML export has been developed to make the process of integrating AVAproject with other applications straightforward and familiar for developers. It is ideal for software integrators accustomed to working with XML data. As with the text and MDB exports, the XML export carries all of the data contained in a project file.

For more information about XML, see our XML document "XML - In Plain English!".

Access IT Export

ContractERP (an AccessIT product) is a very powerful accounting and backend system for the architectural openings industry. We have worked closely with AccessIT to develop a data export which specifically conforms to ContractERP’s specifications. The resulting export file can be imported into ContractERP via the Submittal Import process.


We strive to make the data in our project files easily accessible to developers and other software packages. By providing well documented exports in a number of different file formats, we have made extracting data from AVAproject uncomplicated.

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