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AVAware Academy

The newly formed AVAware media team, in cooperation with the training and support group have launched a new product training initiative combining online documentation with produced instructional videos.

In 2019, AVAware launched a new video production initiative which released a series of monthly "tip" videos focusing on particularly useful and perhaps less known features of the AVAproject detailing and estimating system. This year, AVAware will build upon that with a series of in-depth instructional videos and accompanying documentation.

The new video series, branded as "AVAware Academy", will assist new and existing users alike to gain a better understanding of the nuances offered by features throughout the software. The initial releases will consist of tutorials of approximately ten minutes in length, each specifically focused on different aspects of the AVAproject, AVAcad and AVAproject Fusion software packages.

The eventual goal is to combine them into a comprehensive training series that users of AVAware software can turn to for product training at their own pace and on their schedules. The ability to pause, review and watch videos at one's convenience offers a tremendous advantage over live training alone. Users can focus on features for which they require additional clarification, or refresh themselves on those that are perhaps used less frequently.

This month's newsletter features the first AVAware Academy release. This one is centered on the installation, updating and maintenance of AVAware product catalogs though the online catalog distribution system. Detailed instructions on everything from initial downloads to updating are provided, as well as information on managing multiple editions and maintaining one's catalog library.

AVAware Academy and AVAware "Tips" videos are all available on the AVAware YouTube channel and can be accessed via the link below:

 YouTube Channel

AVAproject Fusion:
Real-Time Integration with ERP Systems

AVAproject Fusion with its API-enabled connector modules provides seamless integration with many ERP/Accounting platforms. Fusion "popups" in AVAproject offer real-time information on sales and purchase orders generated for any part of the project.

System developers have traditionally favored an "all-in-one" approach to combining front-end business systems with back-end ERP/accounting solutions. This of course comes with some very obvious limitations. Most notably, users of that front-end system are limited to a single accounting package that has been preselected for them by the developer.

AVAware has always taken the position that no single accounting package could possibly be ideal for every company. It's for that reason AVAproject Fusion was developed, to enable AVAproject users to integrate with the accounting system of their choice.

Proponents of the "all-in-one" approach in system design, have maintained that theirs was the only way to achieve true end-to-end process integration. AVAproject fusion has proven that this is simply not the case.

Through the use of custom designed "connector" modules, AVAproject Fusion is able to take advantage of integration APIs ("Application Programming Interface") offered by the various accounting system developers. These APIs allow the seamless exchange of information between AVAproject and the accounting/ERP package. AVAproject Fusion is able to harvest the relevant project data originating from AVAproject, and manage it through the product sourcing and staging processes. Purchase and sales orders, initiated by Fusion, are automatically created in the accounting package.

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AVAware Plugin for Autodesk® Revit®

AVAware introduces a new tool that will revolutionize the way manufacturers, specification writers, and distributors share information with architects

In recent years, AVAware has received a growing number of inquiries from distributors wanting to streamline the way information is exchanged with the architects they work with. Project revisions and changes to specifications are regular occurrences in commercial architecture - often daily ones in the case of larger and more complex jobs.

The ability to seamlessly exchange data directly between AVAproject and software platforms used by the architects would have a number of important benefits: distributors would have accurate data, free from any possibility of entry errors in the take-off process. Missing openings and erroneous counts would be eliminated, and distributors' openings schedules would always be in sync with those of the architects.

For the architects, the benefits are even greater. It would no longer be necessary to create and constantly update separate openings schedules to procure accurate estimates. They would no longer need to track changes to their design models and remember to communicate them to the distributors. Architects would have access to complete and concise information on each opening, the related hardware and all the products details available for each. Perhaps most importantly, they would now have access to an accurate "as delivered" schedule of all the openings and hardware provided for a job.

It was with these goals in mind, that AVAware set about to design the ultimate tool for connecting distributers of architectural openings and hardware with the architects. Given the most popular software platform used by architects throughout the world today is clearly Autodesk Revit, AVAware designed this new tool to reside alongside the Revit desktop.

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AVAproject Fusion - the revolutionary data access and reporting tool and latest major software release from AVAware Technologies is now shipping!

More information about AVAproject Fusion can be found on the AVAproject Fusion product page and the Fusion Theory of Operation document.

AVAproject users can now import files created by Allegion’s SpeXtra specification writing software, directly into their projects.

Earlier this year, AVAware was contacted by Allegion’s software group; they wanted to know if it was possible to offer AVAproject users the ability to make use of SpeXtra files to facilitate the creation of project estimates and submittals. It certainly is.

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Help File Available for Download

Available for download now is a newly expanded and more comprehensive Help File. Accessed through the Help menu in AVAproject, our new Help File provides access to past and present editions of the Getting Started Guide and is fully searchable, providing an expansive knowledgebase. Our Help File provides you with:

  • The Getting Started Guide
  • AVAproject and AVAcad release notes
  • Supplemental articles for further reading
Getting Started Guide Now Available

A new "Getting Started" guide has been released to compliment the new edition of AVAproject and AVAcad. The new guide features supplemental content for AVAproject, and can be downloaded via the Downloads section of the Customer Login area.

AVAproject... the all inclusive Windows-based project management system encompassing all aspects of the bidding, detailing and submission cycle...

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AVAcad... the easiest to use and most comprehensive door and frame drawing tool available...

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